Complete Traffic School the Easy Way - Online!


If you have recently been given a traffic violation ticket in California you may have the option to attend a traffic school to mask the points from your driving record. Typically, the court will send you a courtesy notice within three weeks after you receive a ticket. This notice will specify whether you can attend a traffic school or not. A lot of people find it difficult to physically attend a local traffic school. The best way around this is to sign up for an affordable traffic school like


The 5 BUCKS® Traffic course is a traffic school that is licensed by the California DMV and is accepted by all California Courts. For one low fee of $5 you can have your ticket cleared upon completion of the program. This fee covers the entirety of the course making it the most affordable and logical way to clear a ticket when you are too busy to attend a classroom.


After enrolling in 5 BUCKS® Traffic course you are required to read through the course material. Each section has a quiz to help prepare you for the final exam. There are a total of 4 quizzes that have 4 questions each and you will be required to answer 3 out of the four questions correctly to proceed to the next section. A lot of people find that the 5 BUCKS® Traffic course saves them both time and money because it only costs $5 and can be completed quicker than the typical 8 hours that a local school takes to complete.


Once you have paid your bail and traffic school fee the court will give you a due date for completion of traffic school. This due date is going to be between 30 and 90 days. When enrolled in 5 Buck Traffic course you will until this due date to complete your course. It is recommended that you complete the course no later than two or three days before your court imposed due date. The course is self-paced so it allows you to finish it in as little time as an hour depending upon your reading pace.


The 5 BUCKS® Traffic course makes completing traffic school easier by allowing attendees to complete the course on the device of their choice. If you start the course on your PC but have time to work on it while on your lunch break you can pick right up on your mobile or tablet. Simply sign in and you will be able to continue where you left off. The website format makes it easy for everyone to navigate, so you don't have to use a special program or device to fulfill your traffic school obligations.


Upon completion of the course 5 BUCKS® Traffic School will immediately notify the DMV of your successful completion of the course and you will receive a proof of completion email that can be printed for your records. This means that if you are pushing your due date, you can still get the credit for completion even if you did wait till the last day. Enroll with today and be free from negative points on your license tomorrow.

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